Comedy can be used to bring people together and make them laugh. Then they twist it and make it funny so people can laugh and have fun. These movies have a hidden message that most people are not aware of. Jim Carrey’s “Liar Liar”, and Eddie Murphy’s “A Thousand Words,” are two great examples.

The plots of both films are different, but the message is similar. Jim Carrey plays a lawyer in “Liar Liar”, a film released March 21, 1997 by Tom Shadyac. He lies and twists the truth to achieve his goals. In the end, however, he’s forced to admit the truth and can no longer lie. The movie conveys that no one should lie, not even to their family or their employer. The slapstick humor and funny dialogue of Jim Carrey helps them get their message across. But when it comes to the more sensitive scenes, they try to convey through the characters how they feel when they’re lied to, or told the truth.

This film also shows you that it is not a good idea to tell the truth the most brutally or in a hurtful manner. Would you rather be told the truth in a way that you wouldn’t be hurt? Although lying can be harmful, the truth is also sometimes bad. Today, people are looking for the truth without the harsh truth. Strangely, people don’t wish to be misled, yet when you give them the more pleasant truth, they are angry. This movie is a great example of how people should learn to tell the truth and not lie.

Eddie Murphy stars in the second film, “A Thousand Words”, which was released on 9 March 2012 by director Brian Robbins. Murphy is an agent of literacy who will also stretch the truth to achieve his goals. When he lies, a new tree appears in his backyard. Every time he writes or says a word, one leaf falls. If all the leaves have fallen, the tree and Eddie will die. This movie shows how important it is to think before you speak and about who you’re saying it. This is something that your parents always taught you and it’s proven to be true each time you speak without thinking. In the same way as in the last movie, this character also tries and fails to adapt to a new lifestyle. They end up changing their life style and becoming a different person.

Eddie Murphy begins the film by claiming to be a liar. He is also bitter about his father, who has left him a long time ago. However, at the conclusion of the film, he realizes that he was wrong and reconsiders what he had said. Jim Carrey spends the first half of his movie making excuses for his behavior and lying. By the end, however, he finds closure and thinks about what he said.

These films are a great way to learn what to say and how to say. They can also help you decide whether to say something at all. “My brain does not have any heart, nor does my heart possess any brain.” “When I speak what I think, I seem heartless. When I act on my feelings, I seem thoughtless.” – Unknown


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