The following are the key highlights of the Browne review:

1. University Places to Increase by 10%

The Browne review calls for a 10% increase in university places available to students.

2. Repayments of Degree Cost Begin at £21,000

Graduates will start repaying the cost of their degree once they earn £21,000 or more annually. This represents an increase from the previous threshold of £15,000.

3. No More Cap on Tuition Fees

The review also proposes the removal of the cap on tuition fees which previously stood at £3,290 per year.

4. Universities Charging £6,000+ to Support Poorer Students

Universities that charge more than £6,000 per year in fees will be required to give a portion of their additional income to support disadvantaged students.

5. Scrutiny of Universities Charging £7,000+

Universities that charge more than £7,000 per year in fees will be closely examined to ensure they are expanding access to disadvantaged students.

6. Removal of Upfront Payment for Part-Time Students

Part-time students will no longer be required to make upfront payments, but instead will pay fees once they have graduated.

7. Issuing of Student Charters

Universities will be required to issue US-style student charters that provide detailed information on employment rates for their courses.

8. Increase in Living Expenses for Low-Income Students

Students from households with less than £70,000 in income will see an increase in their living expenses.

9. Priority Funding for Medicine, Science, Engineering, and Modern Languages

The government will provide funding only for priority subjects such as medicine, science, engineering, and modern languages.

10. No Cap on University Places

The Browne review suggests there will be no cap on the number of students attending university. Popular universities will be allowed to expand, while others may be required to contract.

11. Debt Write-Off After 30 Years

Graduates will have their debt written off after 30 years, an increase from the previous 25 years.

12. Schools to Provide Individualised Career Guidance

All schools will be required to provide individualised career guidance delivered only by fully certified professionals.

13. Scrapping of Minimum Bursary

The review calls for the scrapping of the minimum bursary of £329 per year. Universities are encouraged to use the resources to improve access for under-represented groups in higher education.

14. Teacher Training for Academics

New academics will be required to undergo teacher training before they start teaching.

15. Interest Rate on Loans to Be the Government’s Cost of Borrowing

Graduates will have to pay back their loans at an interest rate equal to the government’s cost of borrowing, which is inflation plus 2.2%. Graduates who earn less than £21,000 annually will not have to pay any real interest rate, and their loan balance will increase in line with inflation.

16. Increase in Maintenance Grant Threshold

The threshold required to receive a maintenance grant will rise from £50,020 to £60,000.


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