A misdemeanor refers to a lesser-severe criminal offense than a felony and more severe than an infraction. They are typically punishable with a fine and time in jail in the local county jail. These convictions are generally dismissed as low-level events that don’t deserve the attention they get. Petty misdemeanors typically result in a six-month sentence.

A further 10 million cases are brought to court each year due to its high number of felonies. The petty offences process is also a major problem for Americans in the criminal justice systems. The United States has no convictions for misdemeanors. Although felony adjudication is used, misdemeanor process is largely informal. This results in high-volume arrests as well as weak prosecutorial screening, poor defense bars and high pleas rates. Even though misdemeanors don’t amount to major crimes, these small petty crimes like theft, vandalism, public intoxication and vandalism can impact employment, housing, and educational opportunities. “Misdemeanors.” The burden of petty convictions is growing, even though institutions are able to provide less support. Misdemeanors could have grave implications. It has become doubtful that thousands may be guilty of these crimes.

People of color are represented in every stage of criminal justice, from arrest to incarceration. The majority of those involved are minorities. It is not surprising that minorities are more likely to be detained as juveniles, which gives the government greater authority to hold those wrongfully detained. According to this report, 297 DNA exonerations show that approximately 70% are minorities. Similar, the vast majority of these exemptions go to African Americans. Bureau of Justice Statistics has shown that minorities are incarcerated and arrested at higher rates than Hispanics and Whites. Both rich and poor countries can have organized crime. This is an important issue that we witness. These crimes can be found in numerous cities and states. The United States saw organized crime flourish during prohibition. Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes organized crime as “criminal activities that are planned, controlled, and scaled by powerful groups.” It is a group of people who work together for the sole purpose of carrying out at least one serious offense, or to acquire financial assets.

Prohibition changed criminals to capitalists. The Eighteenth amended made “the production and transport of alcohol (though they were not for the consumption or possession) illegal.” These gangs were making huge amounts of money. They were able to work more efficiently. This is how gangs became a more sophisticated criminal operation.

In all cases, organized criminals may be either loosely or tightly organized. Although there are many ways that organized crime can be formed, the most important thing is how it is structured. Each organization is unique. A common form of leadership is a single leader. It has features that are similar to an Egyptian pyramid. The body is made up of street soldiers and a hierarchy that is topped off by a leader and, finally, a boss/king. This structure shows loyalty and protects those in the top.

Blackmail is often used by criminals in organizations to obtain money, power, or other dangers. Organizations and individuals are often victimized by the organization. This includes stealing their cars, theft, fraud and falsifying cash, as well as rigging open tasks. This is how these criminal organizations use brutality to get their needs met. True mischief can come from people who don’t agree with their orders or those who don’t do their jobs properly. Organized crime groups are able to get money by drug trafficking or smuggling weapons and arms. The illegal money smuggled is not allowed to be banked.

Criminal groups often combine legitimate businesses with their operations in order to get the money. This reduces suspicion from law enforcement authorities. Laundering money and changing the money into useful assets, such as vehicles, property, or other tangible goods. In 1975, an investigation was made into this rapidly-growing crime. After conducting research, it was discovered that organized criminal activity amounts to more then $50 billion per year.

There are several reasons organized crime flourished in America. One reason is the terrorizing, dangers and death. This is done to ensure their victims, witnesses and own members don’t testify. The jury tampering is another way. These gangs sought to avoid being involved in any way with the police or the courts. The gangs used large sums of cash to gain political power at both the national and local level. Another option was to invest in legitimate businesses.


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