The movie that I chose to discuss is “The Wizard of Oz”. After carefully choosing the genre that this movie belongs to, I chose Fantasy. The scene where Dorothy meets Ray Bolger’s Scarecrow is one that stands out for me. This character sings a song entitled ”If only I had a brain”. This scene is known to all those who have seen the movie, due to its popularity. This scene is also notable because the movie begins in black and white, but Dorothy is still stuck on Kansas. She begins to see color as she moves into fairytale land. Color switching has a very overwhelming effect on its viewers. As per our text, fantasy films are a ”movie that has unrealistic, superpowers characters, and setting”. This can cause a overlapping of historical dramas with science fiction. Fantasy films can be identified by determining if something is scientifically impossible, unrealistic, or real. Fantasy films are a way for viewers to escape reality. They also entertain them. Although a fiction film, a viewer can still take away a real life lesson.

The convention begins with the fictional land of Oz. Dorothy sets out on a quest for the Wizard of Oz after encountering the Wicked Witch of the West. The Wizard Of Oz is a movie that follows a similar path in terms of plot.

The Wizard of Oz contains many scenes in which Dorothy has to overcome many obstacles. These events bring her into contact with three unique characters, the scarecrow tinman lion. To get her home, she must have the brains, the heart and the courage. She meets small people known as Munchkins. This is a pure escapism film where the characters may experience situations or live in a world that’s not real.


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